Chloro Highway (2018)

11,8x15,8x0,8 in ~ Photographie, Autre ~ Autre, Papier


Digital photography.

"Chloro Highway" (No. 1/15) is part of the series entitled "Anchoring to nature".

The deep innervation of the plant strongly challenges me, in this macro world, the distribution of life by this highway, this network spreads the sap in unison. A constellation of cells such as an astral mapping appears, and reveals the immensity of an invisible world.

Nature reminds us of every moment, of unity and our closeness to our environment.

Every moment of my work is authentic, it spontaneously emerges during a moment of evidence, outside, inside. With organic or not, during a walk, and in moments of creations inspired by strong emotions.

It is a journey from which we know neither the journey, the time nor the destination, but our deep and unconscious nature is only waiting to emerge.

Together, let us be open and observant, everything in the visible and invisible is real!


Original work limited to 15 copies, signed and accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.

Length: 30 cm
Width: 40 cm
Thickness: 2 cm

Fine art print "Fine art" - Glossy aspect on baryta paper 325 g. (Hahnemühle fine art baryta 325g) - No attachment system

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